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Fun Drawing Implements to Use for Coloring – Put the Pencils Down

In a world that often feels like it’s drawn in black and white, adult coloring has surged as a technicolor escape for many. Yet, as the hues of creative indulgence have expanded, we find ourselves at the crossroads of a color revolution. It’s time to put the pencils down and explore the kaleidoscopic world of alternative drawing tools. For those of you who think coloring is as simple as ‘red-roses, blue-skies’, here’s a deeper dive into the pens, markers, and paints that could spark your next masterpiece after finding coloring sheets online.

Gel Pens: Shiny, Bright, and Oh-So-Smooth

Gel pens aren’t just for the middle school notebook margins anymore. Vibrant, fast-drying, and with a saturation that’s almost enviable, gel pens glide over paper, leaving behind trails of glorious pigment. These pens are perfect for achieving a solid color finish that other implements may not provide. With a range of metallic and glitter options, your coloring pages, like the stars on a clear night, can shimmer with every stroke.

Markers: The Workhorses of the Coloring World

When it comes to efficiency, markers have it in spades. They fill in large spaces with ease, and their sheer size and chiseled tips make for a speedy cover-up. You’re not limited to your classic Sharpie; for coloring, look for alcohol-based or water-based markers that blend beautifully and don’t bleed through paper. With dual tips, you can create textures and gradients on your coloring pages, turning them into a teeming landscape or an abstract dreamscape.

Watercolor Brush Pens: The Page Whisperers

Imagine taking the magic of watercolor painting and shrinking it down to the size of a pen. That’s the charm of watercolor brush pens. They offer the best of two worlds – the precision of a marker and the soft, blended effect of watercolors. Use them alone for delicate pastels or wield them with a water brush for a vibrant watercolor look. The joy of watercolor brush pens is that they can mimic the watery patterns of any ocean or the gradient shifts of a setting sun.

Colored Pencils – Beyond the Basics

For the traditionalists who cannot fathom giving up pencils, there are still innovations afoot. From pencils with extra-fine points to those with break-resistant leads, the world of colored pencils is evolving. Some even come in sets of skin tones or shades perfect for creating the fur of a lion or the scales of a dragon. The artistry in the details of these pencils means that colored pencil coloring can now be a highly detailed, almost sculptural, endeavor.

Mixing Media: Harmonious Hues

The true maestros of the coloring world don’t limit themselves to a single instrument section. They’re the conductors who bring together an entire orchestra of implements to create a symphony of color and texture. For example, try coloring a base layer with markers, blending out with a colorless blender, and then etching in details with a fineliner. Similarly, a gel pen can highlight certain areas after coloring with watercolor brush pens. The opportunities for mixing media are as endless as the patterns in a kaleidoscope.

Adult coloring has never been so exciting, and with these vibrant tools, your creative horizon is boundless. It’s time to put your pencils down and pick up a new adventure in art.

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